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The 25th Annual Anti-Fraud Conference was a great success.  The presentations were well received by the record breaking 427 Conference attendees.  The Conference’s success continued the forward momentum of our merged Annual Conferences, which included highlighting the NCFIA Anti-Fraud Alliance’s quarter century of fighting fraud through education and networking. Together with our strategic partners, the California Department of Insurance (CDI), the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA), and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), we cooperatively presented an excellent curriculum relevant to all attendees. The curriculum and  conference events provided many opportunities to learn from top experts and other attendees in interactive courses and networking events.  The Conference Committee collaborated to put together a wide spectrum of courses, ranging from updates on basic fundamentals to advanced interactive courses with cutting edge issues.  The Conference again succeeded in bringing together the entire anti-fraud community, and created an environment for industry and government leaders to productively discuss important issues and controversies in the fight against fraud.

The NCFIA Anti-Fraud Alliance brings together investigators, prosecutors, law enforcement, civil attorneys, corporate leaders, insurance personnel, and experts in fraud-related fields.  As fraud schemes become more sophisticated, we respond to the challenge. We increase our effectiveness by anticipating illegal activity, by providing presentations, interactive educational classes, and by sharing substantive information relevant to fighting fraud.  Our emphasis on coordination, as well as education and networking is especially important because fraud schemes extend across boundaries, and criminals benefit from divisions that exist among us.  Accordingly, NCFIA/AFA encourages and facilitates cooperative efforts, and promotes the optimal use of all resources available to those who fight fraud and related offenses.

Our members are from throughout the United States and represent a broad cross-section of the anti-fraud community, ranging from top experts in their fields to those who are just starting assignments or careers.  Our comprehensive membership enables us to successfully identify, investigate, and prosecute fraud, and to anticipate and prevent evolving frauds. In addition to pursuing justice for fraud victims in criminal and civil courts, members are active in bipartisan legislation, regulation, and other efforts to eradicate fraud by improving our laws.

Our membership continues to grow, and the breadth and diversity of our membership is a valuable strength in the fight against fraud. We look forward to your joining and participating in our educational activities and other anti-fraud efforts.


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Eric von Geldern
President | Deputy District Attorney | Alameda County

David Zucca
Vice President | Law Office of David F Zucca

Clint Herndon
Treasurer |California Department of Insurance

Dale Banda
Past President, Board Member | JD Wesson and Associates, Inc.

Phaidra Garcia
Board Member | McDowell Shaw & Garcia

Craig Pusser
Board Member | CSAA Insurance Group

Don Marshall
Board Member | Zenith Insurance Company

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Counsel | Knox Ricksen LLP

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Executive Secretary |Horsemen Investigations

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Website Coordinator | Allstate Insurance

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