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Our 26th Annual Anti-Fraud Conference in April was a complete success. Attendees from across the country were provided with an excellent curriculum as well as many networking opportunities to learn about and discuss the issues and challenges facing the anti-fraud community. This Conference set an attendance record, and the presentations and dozens of concurrent courses were well received by the hundreds of attendees. Every year at this Conference a broad spectrum of attendees, including prosecutors, investigators, civil attorneys, law enforcement, and the insurance industry, come together to better understand evolving fraud schemes, important current issues, and how we can more effectively work together to improve practices, techniques, policies, regulations, and laws that pertain to fraud and related crimes.

Both our Anti-Fraud Alliance and our Annual Anti-Fraud Conference emphasize the importance of networking and cooperation. Members and other Conference attendees develop the kinds of working relationships that contribute to effectively and efficiently solving problems, in the short and long term. The diversity of our membership and the attendees ensured that there were many opportunities to share ideas and resources, to address common issues, to express innovative perspectives, and to gain knowledge in the wide spectrum of courses presented by dozens of experienced professionals and experts. The presentations, from basic to advanced, were interactive, with an emphasis on participation, to enhance the educational experience.

Our Annual Anti-Fraud Conference is the result of the collaborative efforts of the four presenters: NCFIA Anti-Fraud Alliance (AFA), California District Attorneys Association (CDAA), California Department of Insurance (CDI), and the National Insurance Fraud Bureau (NICB). When we joined our NCFIA Conference with the CDAA Multi-Agency Conference, we created for the anti-fraud community this single premier event, which is now recognized and highly regarded throughout the country. CDI continues to be a strong and innovative partner in support of the Conference, and when NICB joined us our national profile was further strengthened.

Our NCFIA Anti-Fraud Alliance Quarterly Meeting at the President’s House in Monterey on the eve of the Annual Conference was especially enjoyable and well attended. This Annual Quarterly Meeting in Monterey, with its relaxed atmosphere, has quickly become an important tradition for our Conference and our Anti-Fraud Alliance. Instead of providing updates and formal educational presentations typical of a Quarterly Meeting, this meeting presents an opportunity for members and their guests to meet with Conference attendees in an entirely social environment.

In furthering the goals and values of our association, we continue to actively and formally support legislation and programs that will improve laws and regulations that bear on fraud and related crimes.

We have formally changed our name to: “NCFIA Anti-Fraud Alliance” to reflect our focus on the importance of everyone working together to fight fraud. Our membership is no longer limited regionally, and is comprised of prosecutors, investigators, law enforcement, the insurance industry, and other members of anti-fraud community. As our organization continues to expand and develop, we continue to welcome many new members who have an interest in combating fraud. If you are interested in joining as a member, or becoming more involved, please contact us.


Eric von Geldern

President 2014-2016

Officers and Board Members

Eric von Geldern
President | Deputy District Attorney | Alameda County

David Zucca
Vice President | Law Office of David F Zucca

Clint Herndon
Treasurer |California Department of Insurance

Dale Banda
Past President, Board Member | JD Wesson and Associates, Inc.

Phaidra Garcia
Board Member | McDowell Shaw & Garcia

Cynthia Garrett
Board Member

Thomas Fraysse
Board Member | Knox Ricksen LLP

Jay Bobrowsky

Board Member | Global Options

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Thomas Fraysse
Counsel | Knox Ricksen LLP

Cynthia Garrett
Executive Secretary

Kaye Green
Newsletter Coordinator | Allstate Insurance

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Membership Coordinator | Peter Brown and Associates

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Website Coordinator |Allstate Insurance